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We Meet Again





"Has she?" Mira asked as she glanced to Veda with a smile. "Well golly, y’must know more about me than I know about you." she chuckled.

"You’re the one she made the mouse for, right?" Jucunda asks, speaking quickly before checking with Veda, grinning when she sees the blonde woman nod in answer.

Mira chuckled. “Yeah, that’d be me. Still have her.” she said, directing her attention to Veda and then Emma. “That little one finds her fascinating.”

"Really?" Nathan asks, settling on Veda’s other side while Jucunda does the same next to Mira. "How old is she?"

"Five months…" Mira said as she leaned herself back, smiling calmly at Emma still nestled in Veda’s arms. "She’s starting to get real talkative, too."

Emma Stone prepares for her latest role as a nun (x)

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lotuseaterdragora whispered: *looks around the parts of bikes and cover his nose to avoid the oil smell. "My good woman. May I ask you about the artefacts you have here?" He asks not focusing on her yet.






"Be with you in a second!" she called out as she heard the man’s voice behind her.

Mira was on her back and rolled under a motorcycle frame. After a few more moments of wrenching away, Mira rolled back out, sat up and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. “Artifacts, huh? Yeah, what can I…uh…help you with?” 


Mira raised her eyebrow slightly. “Well…wouldn’t say it’s the fastest. Your speed’s gonna depend on the engine size. Higher the cc number, the faster it’ll go.” she explained. “I mean, Ducati Monster with 1200 is a powerhouse.”

She sat down on the seat of the bike behind her, crossed her arms and thought for a second. “But there are some other options…if your wife’s pretty skilled, could recommend a Kawasaki Ninja build. Or a custom that mimics the Suzuki Hayabusa.”

"Please, good woman. Don’t pout a limit in the artefact. The price it isn’t important. Don’t offert me anything if it isn’t the best of the best. I will pay for every part you need to use for the Bike." Drago waved vaguely a hand to make his point. He wants for her to understand what he was trying to say. 

"If you can’t give me the best. I can always go to fing another "

Both brows raised. Not the typical customer, was he? She went quiet, looking him over for a second. Sounded like a good challenge. Ideas starting buzzing through her head. What she could use for the engine, the frame, the exhaust - everything. Sleek, nightly, powerful. The strength of a Harley and the power of a high-end Hayabusa. A hybrid bike. Mira thought about the price of it all for just a moment, figuring out the math in her head as she bit at her lip piercing.

"Alright." she said, hopping off the seat of the motorcycle and approaching him. "I will build you the best damn bike you’ve ever seen." 

Mira was dead serious and it reflected in the way she looked at him; eyes a piercing blue. “And since you say price isn’t important, I’m going to charge you $45,000. It’s going to be a hell of a project and I’ll need a lot of parts.”

She held out her gloved hand, asking for an agreement. “What do you say?”

Drago crossed his arms by under his tunic. waiting for her answer. and for her expression it looked like she finally understood his desires.

when she came close he looked at her calmly. he was not joking and he hoped neither she.  

He raised an eyebrow at the price, not that he wasn’t expecting it. “Just 45.000?” he repeated like not big thing. “Oh well. if thats  cost the best of the best in this country. then i cant complain. ” he shrugged open and  accepted her hand in a lightly shake. 

"How much time you need? This will be a weeding present so I expect a good presentation." The Arab man added with calm. 

Mira quirked a grin once Drago shook on the deal. “Great.”

After the short-lived shake, Mira walked to the back wall of the garage to fetch a chair. “Name’s Mira, by the way. S’a pleasure to be doing business with you.” she said. She grabbed the chair and twisted it around to sit down.

A time frame. Mira slumped down in the metal folding chair and brought her hand to her chin.

"When’s the wedding?" she asked.

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A quiet laugh and he’s grinning at both of them then, holding onto Emma more carefully. “We should write that down, right?” Ulric asks quietly, watching Mira.

Mira nodded. “We’ll have to keep a journal.” she suggested. 

"Can we eat now?!" Joey asked, jumping up and down again. Of course, he was much too young to really understand what sort of important milestone just happened. Mira laughed.

"Yes, yes!" she said, picking her son up. "Yes, why don’t we eat the cake you worked so very hard on."

The… oh, right. “We can go pick one out later?” Ulric asks hopefully, turning his attention to Joey not long after and giving their son a grin.

"Of course we can eat now."

Mira set Joey on the counter beside the cake. He asked if he could hold the camera, and while Mira was slightly hesitant, she smiled and nodded. “Just be very careful with it, okay?” she told him. And he was, as the toddler took the camera in his hands like it was some precious stone.

However, it wasn’t long before Joey started pushing buttons until he figured out how to record video. 

"Daaaaaa! Da!" Emma squealed again, easily becoming her new favorite thing to say other than her usual baby noises.

Turning toward Joey, Ulric is grinning widely, eyes squinted almost shut now that Emma was repeating the word. Her first one, and today… it was important.

He has to be careful, making sure that the camera was picking up on what Emma was doing.

After Mira had cut the cake into individual slices, she looked over to Joey and saw that he was actually recording a video.

"Mama, I did it!" he cheered as he pointed the camera to her after filming Ulric and Emma. She looked surprised at first, then broke into a grin.

Setting one of the plates down next to Joey, Mira waved at the camera. “Yes, you did! You are so smart, Joey!” she applauded back to him. “I’ll tell you what, how about you be the official video recorder for daddy’s birthday, huh?”